Considering GuavaPass Manila? Maybe Try KFIT Philippines First!

So I've been seeing GuavaPass ads all over the internet, especially whenever I watch Youtube. I'm pretty sure I'm their SUPER target market because their ads are a daily occurrence for me. 

You can see from the ads that it's this hip, new, all-in-one sports pass! Except, it's not really all that new over here. This concept that has migrated all the way from Singapore has been in the Philippines for a while now-- in the form of KFIT.  


And, if you are a casual gym-goer such as myself, I would argue that KFIT is probably the cheaper, better option.

Consider the Major differences between these two competing services:

Price per month: P1299
Passes per month: 10 

Price per month: P2699
Passes per month: Unlimited

At first glace, GuavaPass might sound like the better deal because it is 'unlimited', but think about it... If you are a new gym goer, are you seriously going to buffet style gym-going?

I've been using KFIT for months now, and I will tell you straight out (and yes, I will sound lazy) that my average usage is 6 classes per month (I have reached 10 sessions just once ever!). There is NO WAY I'll ever use up GuavaPass unlimited as a casual gym-goer.

So if you are thinking of starting a new year's resolution in fitness, I recommend you start out with the cheaper version first (Note: KFIT is like half the price of GuavaPass) to see if you are actually going to go through with any of it. :P

If you're psyched up with trying KFIT now, get P300 off your first month with this referral! Only P999 for your first month of 10 classes! I swear at that price, you don't even need to think about it really. And if gym-going is not for you, you can cancel at any time.

Do try it out, and tell me all about it! :)