Top 10 Kick-Ass Celebrity Women

So first, let’s look at the not so scientific definition of girl crush:

girl crush (n.) - An intense and typically non-sexual liking or admiration felt by one woman or girl for another.

So I hope that clears it up for some of you guys. Now one thing I don’t understand is why girls can have a girl crush but it’s kinda weird for guys to have a man crush. One of life’s many mysteries I suppose. Well since it’s okay, I have my Top 10 Celebrity Girl Crushes. These are girls I can say I look up to and admire.

So let’s get started!

 10 Kate Beckinsale

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson 18 03 2008 Done - 3:38-51

javascript:void(0); Colin Farrell on his Fight Scenes with Kate Beckinsale Done - :31 - :45

Haha Those are some of her funnier interviews, and I must say I just love her British accent, or I think I’m just in love with the British Accent in general. It’s also quite nice her chemistry with her male costars like Colin Farrell right there, and she plays such badass characters like in Underworld or Total Recall.

Underworld 4 Awakening | trailer #2 US (2012) Kate Beckinsale Done- 1:22- 1:29

I’m sure even if she has some stunt doubles, she still has to be pretty fit to do what she does. Kate Beckensale is sexy and sophisticated, no doubt about it.

9 Emma Stone 

Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone Done - 

Does Emma Stone Prefer Andrew Garfield or Ryan Gosling YouTube Done - 54 

Now this is definitely a girl with spunk! She seems like so much fun to hang out with! And she’s like a regular fangirl to Spice Girls & K-Pop. Though even if she’s got this girl-next-door vibe and feel to her, she’s definitely not ordinary. She’s an A-list star, got cool movies under her belt, and I do expect to watch lots more of her in the future!

Easy A Official Trailer #1 - (2010) HD Done - 

8 Emily Ratjowski 

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell Done -

I do remember when this became such a hit. And well, let’s get straight to it, there were 3 semi-naked girls there, but Emily Ratjowski was the one who stood out. I do think it’s cause there’s something unique about her, she’s just so natural. She does model for Sports Illustrated and GQ, but I do think she’s more than a pretty face.


She says she’s always been into theatre and now she has a couple of movies under her belt too with her first movie being Gone Girl. I have to say, I’m excited to see where this girl is heading.

Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski Share Their Favorite Song Done - 20 

We Are Your Friends - Official Trailer [HD] 1:067 

7 Lily Collins 

I just have to say it, I loved Lily Collins so much in Love, Rosie, that she just had to be in my list even if I haven’t seen a lot of interviews of her. She and Sam Clafin was just such a great match there, they were really able to communicate that in love with their best friend bond so well that I wish I had a hot goofy best friend to fall for as well.

Lily Collins And Hunger Games Star Sam Claflin Talk Love 

She looks like just this normal girl in interviews, but she has her charms and I like how she carries herself and how she portrays characters she plays. I definitely can’t wait to see more movies of her, and preferably also with a hot romantic interest.

6 Keira Knightley

 KEIRA KNIGHTLEY Is Not Too Pretty For Movies - The Graham Norton Show on BBC AMERICA 

 Of course we do know for a fact that she’s really beautiful and she has acted in a lot of great films like Pirates of the Carribean, Pride & Prejudice, Atonement, and Love Actually. With a resume like that, she’s really at the top of her game right there.

On another note, did you hear about the unphotoshopped topless photo she did to speak out about how women are set to such impossible standards? I do think that’s kind of ballsy of her.  and it’s good how she wants girls to be happy with how they look.

 Jonathan Ross Interviews Keira Knightley 2 9:27- 10:05

In all, she’s really this pretty and down to earth girl, and it shows in all of her well-loved movies.

Love Actually. Self-preservation. 

5 Amanda Seyfried 

Amanda Seyfried’s Dog Finn Is the Ultimate Best Friend

Conan Gives Amanda Seyfried His Screeching Jet Pack Raccoon - CONAN on TBS

I do love her look, she’s beautiful and has that mysterious look in her eyes, like she’s thinking of something twisted. It’s like she was made to play more devious characters! And I swear she can play off any type of character, may it be the sweet girl in Mama Mia or the porn star in Lovelace. It’s just wild, she goes the extremes. Movie scene She’s definitely a staple in Hollywood, breaking into all kinds of genres, one can expect only exciting things from this girl.

4 Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd's X Factor Audition (Full Version) -

You would know her from X-Factor, Cher Lloyd, and now she has a very successful music career at such a young age. If you watch how she talks or answers interviews, you would know though that she is a fun, crazy, and hard headed girl. And I mean that in a positive sense. She has so much personality, and she really works hard and puts her all into it. She’s not afraid to experiment, say what she wants, and be different and I think that’s what makes her stand out.

 The Magic Box Interview: Cher Lloyd

And did I say she got married at 20? I have to say I see her as someone who knows what she wants and doesn’t care what others think, and I do admire her for that. I do think she’ll go a long way, and I can’t wait to see more of her in the future!

Cher Lloyd - Oath ft. Becky G

3 Hermione Quote - Philosopher's Ston

And I’m sure you know, that was Emma Watson playing Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. Now she has grown up quite a bit after the series has finished, and I do think she’s this beautiful, smart, and classy girl. She studied University and is even a women’s rights activist. Talk about bringing Hermione Granger to real life! I really like how she has picked more diverse roles after her Harry Potter stint, you do know that she has a long and fruitful career ahead of her. In all, I do think she’s very down to earth and quite a pleasant person.

Emma Watson On Jonathan Ross Show HD 2:12 

Aww, it’s true that girls like the bad boys. Poor Emma, but I’m guessing a lot of little girls can relate. I definitely can’t wait to see her in Beauty and the Beast, to play another iconic character I suppose? But this time, let’s see if she can sing! [Beauty and the Beast Poster]

2 Cara Delevigne

Question Tuesday with Cara Delevingne of Paper Towns

I just love this girl and her crazy antics and her I don’t care how I look I’ll do this crazy face attitude! She’s also crazy multi-talented! She models, sings, acts, and last but not the least, she beat boxes!

You know how most of the time we see models all prim and proper, she’s like the opposite of that, which I think is a lot more fun.

Oh, and I so can’t wait to see her on Suicide Squad, it’s gonna be insane!

Taylor Swift play Eds or Taylz?

Now where do I start with this girl? I have the biggest girl crush on her, and I think most of my friends would agree. I’ve listen to her songs so many times now, and yeah my favorite album so far is 1989! Style Music Video It’s crazy how much she’s evolved through the years, she’s become more chic and stylish, it’s insane!

Style Music Video by Taylor Swift

And I must say, I just love her after-gym look! [after gym fashion] I do believe you don’t get to that level of stardom by sheer luck or teen girls or whatever, she really worked hard for all this success, and no one can deny she has talent.

I’m pretty sure these girls aren’t as prim and perfect as we see them to be, but that’s the fun part, they can just be forever cute and shiny for you.

So that’s it, I hope you like my list. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments! And this is MiciROX saying see you next time.