FROZEN is just downright cool!

This would be an awful pun I know, but Frozen was just downright cool!! ^_^ It is everything you could ask for in a princess flick these days. Thank god Disney moved on from the damsel in distress themes! There's more to being a princess than being pretty, demure and shy... you could be, I don't know, like a normal girl who just wants to have fun and be free!

This reminded me so much of Tangled (duh! >_<) but with a much richer cast. I mean have you met the simply adorable Olaf?! He is a snowman that can melt anyone's heart I swear! And Sven, the amazing telepathy talking reindeer! haha Yeah, that was pretty funny. And I don't know about you, but I'm glad that the eternal snow curse wasn't cast by an evil witch from Narnia or something, there's much more story behind this... where seemingly bad people aren't always bad, and seemingly good people aren't always good. Appearances can be... snow deep! Yeah I didn't exactly get that either XD

Anyhow, I'm really glad the creators of Tangled came up with an original story this time, I mean, I bet this gave them so much more freedom in tinkering with the characters and story line in general, and I'm happy to say they did this right! That along with the breathtaking scenery and BEAUTIFUL score, you got a timeless Disney flick right there.

It's something I'd watch over again, that's for dang sure ;)

90% - Daringly original in its genre. Or highly entertaining with uber story-line. touching! awesome! repeatable!