ParaNorman is Spooky Fun

Nah, that's not the trailer, but the idea comes pretty close to it. Albeit less dramatic ^^

You know that one superpower you're sure you don't want to have? Yeah he has it. His name is Norman, and he can see ParaNormal stuff.

From the outset he looks just like your average boy who seems to have a fascination with the spooky-- he likes to watch scary movies and he has a huge collection of zombie related merchandise. But he likes these things not because he believes in them, it's because he's actually friends with some of them.

I thought it was pretty cool  how he could still talk to his grandma :)

His daily routine consists of saying 'hi' to ghosts on his way to school, and because of this people find him, to put it mildly-- odd. He is used to being alone and is sometimes even called a freak. But there's this one chubby kid from school who's actually pretty nice, and he doesn't just believe in him, he actually find's Norman's ability pretty cool.

Neil: Hey Norman, Wait Up! 
Norman: I would like to be alone. 
Neil: So do I. Lets do it together!
:) this makes me smile

But just when he finally finds a (tangible) friend to accept him, a weird uncle of his contacts him out of nowhere, telling him of a task that he must continue in his place. It turns out that he has the same ability as Norman, and that the witch's curse is true. And just who is Norman to say that all that is hogwash when he himself knows the ParaNormal does exist?

Here starts his quest, with a band of unlikely friends, to undo the witch's curse. And along the way, people saw a glimpse of what Norman saw.

Finally, he had to deal with the witch that was causing all the disruption, but as it turns out, she wasn't so bad. She was just this young girl who was persecuted for having unique gifts of her own, just like Norman. Then thanks to him, she finally came to peace with what happened to her and was able to peacefully move on...

 It was too bad though, Aggie and Norman would have made a cute emo couple. <3 Don't you agree?

In the end, his family finally believed in him and accepted him for who he is, which makes for a happy ending for everyone. :)

ParaNorman is definitely what you call spooky fun-- it can be pretty spooky at times, but in a playful way. Well little kids might get scared, adults would just be surprised a bit and continue to enjoy the beautiful animation.You'll get a good laugh at it too.

In any case, I was actually pretty intrigued on how they were able to make ParaNorman come to life, and as it turns out, it's was a pretty brutal but inspiring process. Check out these behind-the-scenes to see for yourself.

These people really have a knack for creativity and detail!

Funny with Neil and the bubbles, it's just so like him!
Amazing what these people can do with dolls, stop-motion animation is fantastic!

Well this one gets a well deserved Blockbuster Diva grade of 80%, but what about you, how did you find it?