Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 Dog Days Goes to the Dogs

You know that feeling when you felt exactly the same going in and out of a movie? That's exactly how much impact Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 has-- nothing. There's actually no story as a whole, it's just random scenarios strung together with no real story build up, character development, or climax. It has its fun quirky moments that can make you giggle a bit, and even those are already cliched.

To be fair though, it's actually the kind of storytelling the actual book has. I mean, the book is SUPPOSED to be a diary, a collection of mundane day to day events with a dash of quirkiness in them. I guess that recipe can work on books, but not necessarily in movies.

I think the highlight of the movie are the moving comics of the characters and scenarios they put in, mostly due to its novelty. Fans of the book will definitely find that part endearing, where they can say, "hey, that's how it's actually drawn in the book!" I actually liked the first book in the series, but now with Dog Days I think they're just stretching it out.

Anyhow, the other redeeming factors are the actors, I can safely say they did the characters in the book justice. Greg as your unfortunate little mischief maker, Rowley as your loveable best friend, Rodrick as the brother you want to stangle so badly, parents who just wants what's best for you but can't seem to express it very well, Patty the girl you just love to hate, Chirag that peculiar little Indian boy, Fragley your classmate who's gross and just downright weird, and  Holly, that perfectly cute blonde girl you just want to skip in the fields with.

Unfortunately, the redeeming qualities does not overpower the downside of having a weak story-line, giving it a Blockbuster Diva grade of 50%.

50% - Dissappointment. Weak story-line. Little impact. Little redeeming factors.

P.S. Though Rodrick singing 'Baby' might be worth watching, LOL

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