Toy Story 3 Brings Back the Kid in Me ;)

Right after watching the film I was like “Man am I worn out”. lol Seriously, I was actually tired. But, it was a good kind of tired. You know when a movie is literally one action packed adventure after another, and you're always at the edge of your seat, and you really want to know what happens next? Yeah, it was that kind.

I was really looking forward to Toy Story 3, because for me it's the one that started it all, the 'Awesome Storyline 3D Animation Revolution'. (Yeah I made that phrase up, but I'm starting a revolution myself. :) I’m a big fan of Pixar and all their works, but after How to Train your Dragon, I was like, I’d like to see Pixar beat that! Boy did they showed me.

Toy Story 3 is the new Mission Impossible. ;)
I'd like to think the reason we can all relate to Toy Story is because we've all been a child once in our lives, and we've had our own share of toys growing up. In time, some would be thrown out or donated to charity, but there would always be those special toys you just couldn't let go. Mine in particular is a fat plushy Pekkle penguin from Sanrio, whom I called Pengo.

Over the years my mom would tell me to throw him out. You see, he isn't the cute fluffy penguin he once was. One time he was at the wash too long making him worn out and faded, he's even had a few stitches, yeah, I've had him for a while. But after Toy Story 3, I don't think I'd ever give him away! Might even talk to him every now and again, who knows, maybe he'll talk back :)

But there is another side to that argument, would you rather have your toys set aside in the attic, or would you give them to a new kid, where they can be enjoyed and loved once again?

Woody: I can't go. I can't abandon these guys. They need me to get into this museum. Without me, they'll go back into storage. Maybe forever.
Buzz Lightyear: Woody, you're not a collector's item, you're a child's plaything. You are a *toy*!
Woody: For how much longer? One more rip, and Andy's done with me. And what do I do then, Buzz? Huh? You tell me.
Buzz Lightyear: Somewhere in that pad of stuffing is a toy who taught me that life's only worth living if you're being loved by a kid. And I traveled all this way to rescue that toy because I believed him.

After watching the movie me and my brothers were saying how it was the best ending Toy Story could have. Then my little brother said, "Stupid Toys, if they actually talked to us I'd never give them away." LOL, my thoughts exactly.

I have a feeling this is a movie that can make anyone nostalgic. I remember role-playing and making swishing sounds too. It seems silly now, but back then it was a lot of fun. I personally had a long childhood, and you know what? It's a time I wouldn't trade for the world.

I know some of you guys might be waiting for a blow by blow account but I really don't want to do that. This is a movie that you have to experience for yourself, and hopefully, even if just for a day, you are reminded that you are never too old to have fun.