When in Rome, You Fall Magically in Love, or Everyone Else Does

So this goes a bit out there, and is like nothing I expected. Love with a touch of magic. Cupid was definitely working overtime in this one.

So there is this girl named Beth who is very cynical about love on account that she has failed relationships due to working too much. She says though that the moment she finds some guy that she loves more than work then that would be THE one. Sounds simple enough, but then it gets tricky.

On her trip to Rome for her sister's wedding, she met a great guy named Nick, but then found him kissing someone else. That's when she decided to not believe in love and get drunk on the nearby love wishing fountain. Being drunk and cynical, she started babbling to the statue about all the dumb people who threw their coins in wishing for true love that will never happen, so she decided to take them out of the fountain. What she didn't know, was that the fountain was in fact magical.

Amidst all her crazy banter in the fountain, she didn't know that Nick has in fact been watching her from afar under the moonlight, and may have in fact fallen for her right there and then.

In any case when she got back to New York, men of all shapes and idiosyncrasies started professing love to her. There was a painter, a model, a magician, and a sausage vendor. This had her baffled at first, but then when she talked to her sister about it, she found out that whoever takes coins from the fountain, will have the ones that threw them fall madly in love with her. And when I say mad, I mean drop dead do crazy things for her. It seems that the only way the magic can be lifted is if she throws the coins back from where she got them, but she can't just fly all the way to Rome, she has an important project as a curator.

Though amidst all the guys falling for her, there seems to be one sane guy, and when Nick explained to her that the kiss was nothing but a misunderstanding, she started falling for him once again. It's a good thing Nick did not give up when he found out a lot of other guys were after her too. That was when she found out that one of the coins she took from the fountain, a poker chip, came from his poker set. She didn't want to take away his will so she broke it off leaving him confused once again.

Her sister then presented her an alternative where instead of going all the way to Rome, she can just give the coins back to their respective owners, and it worked, spell broken. But there was one guy left which she dreaded to give back the coin most, though when he finally got the coin, it turns out he still loved her.

So yeah, next scene is that they are getting married in Rome where they met, but then she found out that the poker chip she gave back to Nick was in fact the wrong chip. So at the moment she was to say I do, she ran off to the love wishing fountain and started being mad at the statue once again. Nick ran after her and asked why she kept giving him his chips back. That was when she realized that Nick might actually be in love with her, and not because of some magic love voodoo. When Nick threw the poker chip back in the pond to kiss her, was when they found out that it was in fact their priest that Nick played poker with who threw it to the pond.

So he was naturally in love with her all along, isn't that just awesome?

Favorite Scenes/ Lines:

Where did you get this car, fisherprice?

Will you take this awfully wedded wife?

Why do you keep giving me my chips back?

Anyways, I came to see this movie with no expectations at all, didn't see the ratings, didn't see the trailer, but I thought it was pretty cool. I thought the plot was really unique, although the execution could do some tweaking. I can say there was no dull moment, and there were some funny parts especially with the David Blane wannabe. Her suitors were actually the highlight of the movie. Kristine Bell from Veronica Mars was also not bad herself, she's pretty and lovable enough to be the lead. She fits the workaholic character that find someone more interesting than work quite well.

I don't think it deserves the super low rating. If you are into Romantic Comedy at all, go ahead and watch this flick, I am sure you will be entertained.