Analysis of a Wimpy Kid: A Simpsons Comparison

The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

Ever had the time when you come across a movie/book that is so kooky that you just have to watch/read it? Well, this is one of those times. Enter the world of a Wimpy Kid named Greg and his Diary, where everything is not as it seems, as you will see the world the way it used to be— through the eyes of a middle schooler. Where bullies are ten times larger than they actually are, awkward situations are a hundred times more awkward, and touching a moldy piece of cheese is nothing short of social suicide. Doesn’t hurt that Greg’s diary has pictures in it either, god knows we need more pictures in books. 

Oh, and it’s not a diary, it’s a journal. (The big difference being that 'journal' sounds less wimpy.)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

In any case, anyone who has undergone any sort of basic education would agree that middle school can be tough, especially when you don't fit in. Now here comes Greg Heffley, who in more ways than one is your average kid who wants to make a name for himself. And he seems to know everything there is to it to become popular, well, in theory.

This actually reminds me of another middle schooler that we all love (to hate), I’m sure you know him as he has lived unaged through a lot of seasons— Bart Simpson. You might be interested to know that the name Bart actually came from the anagram ‘brat’, but that’s another story altogether. Let’s stick to how Greg and Bart could get along real well if they had to go through the ordeal of actually *gasp* studying in the same school. 

 For both of them, as if being in middle school isn’t tough enough, they have to deal with other things pulling them down the food chain. 

Rodrick VS Nelson Muntz
First off there is his big brother who terrorizes him every time they come into contact; he doesn't even give any sound advice to his brother in need either. He appears to be an anti-social adolescent who wants nothing to do with school and just play with his band ‘Loded Diper’. He did give one observation that Greg took somewhat seriously, and this was that his best friend Rowley was uncool.

In a lot of ways, Rodrick reminds me of another famous bully I know, Nelson. His pet hate is actually Bart and would stop at nothing at making Bart’s school life a living hell. He also has the brains of a toad, just like Greg’s bully of a brother. I think they’ll get along pretty well. 

Rowley VS Milhouse Van Houten
He is Greg’s best friend and boy could they be any more different. While Greg is busy trying to make himself popular, it would seem Rowley is doing the exact opposite. Well he’s not doing it on purpose, he’s just happy being himself, but Gregg couldn’t stand having a best friend so dorky that he gave Rowley a makeover. It’s a good thing he’s too nice and basically puts up with Greg’s jerkiness, well, for the most part.

Milhouse is also another dorky best friend that sort of idolizes Bart and also follows what he tells him to do, just like Rowley. He can’t be as cool as Bart even if he tried though, but still both of them are pretty much at the bottom of the food chain. Although Bart would be a little more (in)famous than Greg, they still have a lot in common of wanting to be known one way or the other. I guess the contrast here would be that Greg wants to be liked and tries to avoid trouble (but seems to stumble into it a lot), while Bart has the troublemaker reputation to uphold (thus the 'writing of things he shouldn’t do' on the board every single episode). 

 (That's not Bart, I just randomly found this pic. Would be cool to have a "The Simpsons" live action, don't you think?)

Mom & Dad VS Marge & Homer
Greg’s parents don’t understand him one bit. Sure their nice people, but his mom always seem to get him into uncool situations and his dad even gave him dumbbells for his birthday in hopes of making him live up to his potentials. 

I think for the most part Marge is pretty cool, but she can be like most moms sometimes, like Greg’s mom who wants nothing but the best for her son. Of course their sons don’t necessarily see it that way. On the other hand, I don’t think Homer really cares if Bart lives up to his potential, and would just want him out of his way. Bart annoys Homer lots of times, thus all the strangling though the years. It’s a wonder Bart's still alive. 

Freggley VS Ralph Wiggum
You couldn’t meet a weirder kid who has hair on a freckle, loves to chase you with boogers, and gets hyper with candy. You wouldn’t want to be friends with him if he was the last kid on earth, too bad Greg didn’t figure that out sooner. 

Ralph undoubtedly has few screws lose; such is the case that he even has an imaginary leprechaun friend. He is as dim witted and oblivious of his social status as Freggley, but perhaps he is a little more likable as he keeps to himself (and his imaginary friends).

Angie VS Lisa Simpson
So this is the no nonsense girl who at first thought that Greg was pretty cool, then she found out that he was a wannabe like everyone else. So when Greg falls flat on his butt like he usually does, she’ll be the first one to point it out. It’s too bad; they could have been cute together. 

I can liken Angie to Lisa Simpson, another no nonsense girl who is into writing. They are both smart and alienated by their views about society. Lisa loves his brother but there are times that he wants to strangle him for being out of line. 

Manny VS Maggie Simpson
So it’s not too obvious in the movie how Manny can also make life hell for Greg, but in the book he is pretty much the tattle tale. It would seem that he is very observant and would often tell on the bad things Greg has done. He is also the favourite, so Greg can’t exactly bully Manny the way Rodrick bullies him either. Manny being the favorite means Greg has to put up with him a lot. It would seem that Manny has a strong hold in the family for a toddler so small.

There's another toddler who also has a hand in keeping things grounded in the family. Meet Maggie Simpson, also a very observant little tyke that knows more than her family gives her credit for. Although for the most part Maggie keeps quiet about the things she knows and what she can do that can astound anyone. She is also very much well-liked by the family and can often be found in the cradling arms of Marge Simpson.

Patty VS Slideshow Bob
There’s also Patty, the one girl you could totally learn to hate and would love to throw apples on in drama class. Ever since Greg made fun of her in preschool she seems to be pretty much onto him like all the time. In wrestling, drama class, yearbook, well you get the picture. She’s a spoiled brat with a mom as president of the PTA, so she pretty much gets her way. 

Slideshow Bob can be likened to Patty as he hates Bart with a vengeance. Ever since Bart foiled his devious scheme before and was sent to prison, he has been on to him. He would want nothing more in the world than to kill Bart or make life hell for him. Both Slideshow Bob and Patty cannot forget that they were wronged and will forever try to get back. 

3 bullies VS Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney
It was Halloween that time, Greg’s favorite day of the year, when he crossed a couple of bullies by scratching their red fender. Oh, they won’t have him and Rowley live this down, and they are on the hunt for their necks. Well, not literally. 

So these three can be considered as Nelson’s underlings, that of course also make life hell for Bart. Their favourite past time is to beat Bart and Milhouse up, pretty much how the 3 bullies were after Greg and Rowley. Of course, the 3 bullies got back at Greg and Rowley much worse than simply beating them up. Are you ready to hear the horrifying thing they made them do? Alright here it is, but don’t say I didn’t warn you... they made them TOUCH CHEESE! 

Cheese Touch
Chirag, another school nobody, was nice enough to point out a very noticeable icky looking moldy piece of cheese at the outside grounds, that seemed to have sprung out of nowhere and has been rotting on the same spot for ages. Legend has it that whoever touches this would have the “Cheese Touch” and would be doomed to everyone running away from that person, unless he passes it on to someone else. Who would have thought that this moldy piece of cheese would be the one to save Greg and Rowley’s friendship? You’ll see.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book 

So what do you think of my "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and "The Simpsons" analogy? Agree or disagree? Go on, it's a free world. :) 

I thought the adaptation from book to movie was pretty good. It took only the most important details, beefed up some roles (like Freggley and Chirag) and even added new ones (like Angie) just for the movie. All the characters are very likable and well cast. I particularly like how Rowley is not entirely like his dumb self in the book, but a little more lovable. Greg also plays his part quite well, from being a jerk to being downright adorable. Speaking of adorable, have you met Manny?

All in all I have one conclusion, Middleschool is more chaotic than I thought.