Digitally Illustrating Bunster and Hariet Webcomics

I have recently started a webcomic called Bunster and Hariet, and I want to show you guys how I digitally illustrate it!

In this lesson, I will show you the basics, step by step guide to making a simple webcomic using Adobe Illustrator. I do see lots of webcomic artists use photoshop but I'm here to show you an alternative and a personal preference of mine.

Do go ahead and check it out! See ya there!


Bunster and Hariet Webcomics

Hello there! *waves* I'd like to present to you my very first webcomic, Bunster and Hariet!

It is a webcomic about a girl and her conflicting thoughts and indecisiveness... interpreted in the form of cute bunnies. There's the positive bunny feelings (Bunster) and the negative bunny feelings (Hariet). Yeah I know, just read the comic... you'll get what I mean. :D

They say I live inside my head, and maybe there's some truth in that! ;)

Read below, and enjoy!

http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/bunster-and-hariet/list?title_no=38717 https://tapastic.com/series/bunsterandhariet http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/bunster-and-hariet/list?title_no=38717 http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/bunster-and-hariet/list?title_no=38717


Wilquote Publishing

http://www.wilquote.com/p/shop.htmlMy dad, William T. Co, has been writing quotes all his life. I made it my own little project to compile his best writings and illustrate some of them.

You can now purchase his first book, "Life Without Nonsense Doesn't Make Sense", at the WilQuote shop.

The book includes tons of quotes solely written by him, with over 35 illustrations drawn by me!

Visit the official website @ Wilquote.com


Despite What Critics Said, Suicide Squad was Awesome!

Suicide Squad Rocked! For the record, I almost didn’t see this film cause of what the critics were saying, but even if I’m late to the party, I’m glad I still went in.

Bad guys are bad asses. It’s no secret I love villains. And you know, there are just too many good guy movies that after a while all of their characters feel bland and the same. I think villains can have more personality as there is more leeway, you’re not sure of what they won’t or will do. I really think they deserve more chances at the spotlight. #moresuicidesquad

Unfortunately, since these villains are no Iron Man or Batman, they can’t have a full trilogy to explain their backstory. If that’s what you were looking for then, of course you’d be disappointed because this 2 hour movie is not that.


Our Fun-tastic visit to Orlado! Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Disney World, Sea World

Just how much should you give up to succeed in your job? (Thoughts on The Devil Wears Prada)

Andrea wanted to be a reporter, but to do that she must first work at Runway Magazine under the most impossible boss you can imagine, Miranda Priestly.

At first she was fine with just getting by, but as demands got higher, she did get pushed into doing more and more as she subconsciously wanted the approval of her boss. And the more she did a good job, the more was expected of her. And this, my friends, is the never ending cycle of corporate America. It’s a vicious cycle of eat or get eaten.  

At a certain point though, you might think to yourself, up to what point is all this work still worth it? You might not think about it that much now, but I can imagine that as you get older, time can become more and more important and all of a sudden you come to realize just how much of your life you have spent in something that you really did not want to do.

Now there is this book by Bonnie Ware called The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing, and there she enumerates some things that I feel are related to the things Andrea, in the Devil Wears Prada movie, realized later on.  


Digitally Drawing Cute Animals and Making Felt Bookmarks

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to tell you guys that I made a class on Skillshare! I've been using this platform for many months now to learn about digital illustration and video editing, that I figured I have garnered quite a bit of the process to maybe make a class of my own. You can see from the video above that for my class I have touched upon doing some basic animal illustrations to make cute bookmarks! When you go to Skillshare though, you can learn about all sorts of other things like design, flower arrangement, productivity, etc. I'm sure there is something for you there, so I hope you will go ahead and sign up!

See you there!

Youtube Video Transcript:  


Top 10 Kick-Ass Celebrity Women

Youtube Video Transcript: 
So first, let’s look at the not so scientific definition of girl crush:

girl crush (n.) - An intense and typically non-sexual liking or admiration felt by one woman or girl for another.

So I hope that clears it up for some of you guys. Now one thing I don’t understand is why girls can have a girl crush but it’s kinda weird for guys to have a man crush. One of life’s many mysteries I suppose. Well since it’s okay, I have my Top 10 Celebrity Girl Crushes. These are girls I can say I look up to and admire.

So let’s get started!


Doodle and Introspect #2: Happiness is 100% Attitude

A few years back, I remember telling my mom: " I bet really rich people are super happy." where she promptly replied: "No, I don't think so." 

She proceeded in telling me a story of how when she was young, she would save all of her allowance just to buy a cute little pencil box. As a little girl, she was extremely happy of her purchase. 

As time passed and she grew older, she could already buy lots of bigger, more expensive bags, but she would argue that she got more happiness out of that little pencil box than the many bags that she could easily afford today. 

She said that there's a joy in saving and striving to buy things you want, and the more money you have doesn't necessarily make you happier.

"Happiness is more of attitude than aptitude."- William T. Co


Doodle and Introspect #1: Building Dream Boxes

I've hit a roadblock lately.

I'm living day to day, doing my usual thing, and I am pretty comfortable with where I am...but in my head I feel there is still something big lacking, something more I have to do, something I have to achieve to be truly happy.

I do have grander dreams, or more like, daydreams of what I want my life to be.