Awkward Crush Moments (Sim Style)

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a hard time dealing with crushes. I just couldn’t do it.

I can’t talk to him. I can’t make eye contact... Heck, I couldn’t even be in the same air space vicinity and not act all stiff and awkward and be a red tomato and stuff.

You’d pretty much see me staring at the ground or at my feet or ANYWHERE ELSE but the direction of where my crush is at. If you didn’t know me, you’d probably think that I must absolutely hate this person.

Oh, if you only knew how much.


MiciROX Projects (Pinned Post)

Wilquote Life Quotations and Poems

'WilQuote' is a cynic's commentary on the whimsy of life-- written in quotes and poetry. William now has two books available, "Life Without Nonsense Doesn't Make Sense" and "A Cynic is one who is Tired of being Fooled."
Wilquote Life Quotations and Poems

'Bunster and Hariet' is a webcomic about a girl and her conflicting thoughts and indecisiveness... interpreted in the form of cute bunnies. Bunster and Hariet Webcomics

 'Own Little Worldview' is a podcast from the trivial to the controversial. (Michelle is a big fan of Hello Internet by CGP Grey and Brady Haran!)
Wilquote Life Quotations and Poems

'Into Do List' lists down the various media that I am into! Right now it's all about romance audiobooks. I want to write a romance novel one day... so here I am intently "studying" what makes for the perfect love story. 


Considering GuavaPass Manila? Maybe Try KFIT Philippines First!

So I've been seeing GuavaPass ads all over the internet, especially whenever I watch Youtube. I'm pretty sure I'm their SUPER target market because their ads are a daily occurrence for me. 

You can see from the ads that it's this hip, new, all-in-one sports pass! Except, it's not really all that new over here. This concept that has migrated all the way from Singapore has been in the Philippines for a while now-- in the form of KFIT.  


And, if you are a casual gym-goer such as myself, I would argue that KFIT is probably the cheaper, better option.

Consider the Major differences between these two competing services:

Price per month: P1299
Passes per month: 10 

Price per month: P2699
Passes per month: Unlimited

At first glace, GuavaPass might sound like the better deal because it is 'unlimited', but think about it... If you are a new gym goer, are you seriously going to buffet style gym-going?

I've been using KFIT for months now, and I will tell you straight out (and yes, I will sound lazy) that my average usage is 6 classes per month (I have reached 10 sessions just once ever!). There is NO WAY I'll ever use up GuavaPass unlimited as a casual gym-goer.

So if you are thinking of starting a new year's resolution in fitness, I recommend you start out with the cheaper version first (Note: KFIT is like half the price of GuavaPass) to see if you are actually going to go through with any of it. :P

If you're psyched up with trying KFIT now, get P300 off your first month with this referral! Only P999 for your first month of 10 classes! I swear at that price, you don't even need to think about it really. And if gym-going is not for you, you can cancel at any time.

Do try it out, and tell me all about it! :)


Bunster and Hariet Webcomics

Hello there! *waves* I'd like to present to you my very first webcomic, Bunster and Hariet!

It is a webcomic about a girl and her conflicting thoughts and indecisiveness... interpreted in the form of cute bunnies.

There's the positive bunny feelings (Bunster) and the negative bunny feelings (Hariet). Yeah I know, just read the comic... you'll get what I mean. :D

They say I live inside my head, and maybe there's some truth in that! ;)

Read at website and enjoy!

http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/bunster-and-hariet/list?title_no=38717 http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/bunster-and-hariet/list?title_no=38717


Digitally Drawing Cute Animals and Making Felt Bookmarks

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to tell you guys that I made a class on Skillshare! I've been using this platform for many months now to learn about digital illustration and video editing, that I figured I have garnered quite a bit of the process to maybe make a class of my own. You can see from the video above that for my class I have touched upon doing some basic animal illustrations to make cute bookmarks! When you go to Skillshare though, you can learn about all sorts of other things like design, flower arrangement, productivity, etc. I'm sure there is something for you there, so I hope you will go ahead and sign up!

See you there!


Top 10 Kick-Ass Celebrity Women

So first, let’s look at the not so scientific definition of girl crush:

girl crush (n.) - An intense and typically non-sexual liking or admiration felt by one woman or girl for another.

So I hope that clears it up for some of you guys. Now one thing I don’t understand is why girls can have a girl crush but it’s kinda weird for guys to have a man crush. One of life’s many mysteries I suppose. Well since it’s okay, I have my Top 10 Celebrity Girl Crushes. These are girls I can say I look up to and admire.

So let’s get started!


Wilquote Books

My dad, William T. Co, has been writing quotes all his life. I made it my own little project to compile his best writings and illustrate some of them.

You can now purchase his books "Life Without Nonsense Doesn't Make Sense" and "A Cynic is One who is Tired of being Fooled" at the WilQuote shop.

Visit the official website @ Wilquote.com


Top 10 Smart and Educational Channels on Youtube!

Hi youtube! I’m micirox and this marks my first ever youtube video :D


I’m so excited about this! I’m a big fan of youtube and thought it would be nice to be even a small teeny tiny part of it. So now without further ado, here is what you came for, My top 10 channels that make thinking fun!

These are based on 3 categories: Smartness, Attractiveness, And last but not the least, that it actually makes the other two irrelevant… Addictiveness

Obviously, this is a very subjective list. XD

 So Let’s get started! On the 10th spot is…